I am a clinical psychologist trained at the University of Coimbra and a Member of the Portuguese Order of Psychologists (9440). I have a Masters in Child Development and a PhD in the Human Sciences from Brunel University, London.

With extensive experience in research in the human sciences and clinical practice in Portugal and the UK (Tavistock Clinic and WLMHT), I see psychotherapy as a process in which two people (therapist and client) get together to research one. My approach is psychodynamic, systemic and heavily influenced by the notion of life cycle.




To focus on the behaviour that someone would like to cut back or eliminate from one’s life, it is important to fully understand the person in their life history, to understand their aspirations and internal life. The relation with the therapist can be a mirror of several aspects of the relation with oneself and others. It is important to think of this relation side by side with the patient’s life beyond the office.




Beyond our internal life, we live in a world made of social relations, family, work, cultural and political relations. Sometimes it is important to bring another people part of the client’s life to the office (e.g. seeing both members of the couple simultaneously, seeing parents and children together, etc.). It all depends on the objectives that are established between client and therapist at the beginning of a relationship, i.e., what is required of a given intervention and what signs one should be attuned to in order to know the desired change is happening.




Just as every case is a case, each stage of the life cycle has its specific challenges. There isn’t a single psychotherapeutic model which serves all the challenges of a life stage nor a single way to live each chapter of our lives. The therapist answers the challenges of each life stage by adapting the techniques and the overall approach to the patient’s problems. Therapy increases the awareness of the choices that we make throughout life, by rescuing us from the endless pattern of repetition which hinders personal growth while stopping the transition to the next phase.


English Speaking Patients & Families


The clinical experience gained in the UK as well as the extended personal and professional history in this country allows me to offer services of psychology and psychotherapy in English. With a PhD in the Human Sciences in the area of cultural diversity, I always try to frame the client’s sociocultural background in the therapeutic work. Migration as an experience of crisis and personal growth is a theme which comes out frequently in work with non-national clients, deserving a special focus.